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Successive number: 025/KK PLACE: Nesseltal EVENT: - DATE: 19. 9. 1939 ANNOUNCE: Die HeiMAT Koprivnik … a beautiful village this used to be. 2006. PUBLISHER: - PHOTOGRAPHER: Franc Rabuse NOTES: photo postcard
In Koprivnik the Rabuse family house stood on the main street. Local Ernst Stalzer, who is related to Franc Rabuse, mentions the property of the Rabuse family or Üntrstauzarsch as granfather Leonhard’s house was known by the locals. The plot of land where house no. 21 once stood and Franc Rabuse’s father Ivan was born is now a garden. The garden belongs the house Koprivnik 36. A part of the neighboring roof (left on the photograph) once also belonged to house no. 21; the seamstress Pavli Breser from Staro Brezje lived there at the time when the photograph was taken. The neighboring house (on the right) is also no longer there. Before WWII it was house no. 22 and was the property of Michael Meditz, locally Schlossarsch.
Zavod za razvoj turizma Kočevski rog, so.p., Koprivnik 5, 1330 Kočevje -, junij 2020