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Successive number: 015/KK PLACE: Nesseltal EVENT: DATE: 31. 8. 1936 ANNOUNCE: Die HeiMAT Koprivnik … a beautiful village this used to be. 2006. PUBLISHER: - PHOTOGRAPHER: Josef Dornig, Junior NOTES: postcard
The photographs on the postcard from the beginning of the thirties are the work of Josef Dornig Jr. The postcard was sent from Koprivnik on the 31st August 1936. Because certain photographs are printed on different postcards, we will now concentrate on the bottom right photograph. The shot was taken from the top floor of the school. The acacia trees were planted in the years 1932-33; they run down the center of the main street (Hauptgasse) in Koprivnik. At the end of the promenade is a rise above the village which was known as Kirchle. Let’s take it one by one. The first house on the left was number 35 (Mriesch); followed by number 36 (Pödnsch); number 37 (Übrigörsch); number 38 (Zöscheisch); number 39 was the location of the mayors office; number 40 was the home of Marija Lackner (Mrimatlsch); number 41 (Pöstmeistrsch); the last house, belonging to the tradesman Schneller (Tömlsch Baronsch), was number 43.
Zavod za razvoj turizma Kočevski rog, so.p., Koprivnik 5, 1330 Kočevje -, junij 2020