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Successive number: 009/KK PLACE: Nesseltal EVENT: DATE: between 1920 - 1925 ANNOUNCE: Die HeiMAT Koprivnik … a beautiful village this used to be. 2006. PUBLISHER: - PHOTOGRAPHER: Josef Dornig, senior NOTES: photo postcard
In the twenties of the last century Mr Roschitsch (Kürteisch), Nesselthal 15, asked the prominent photographer Josef Dornig Sr to photograph his inn in Koprivnik. Mr ‘Malora’, pardon, innkeeper Josef (his figure was not immortalized on this postcard, but Dornig did make a panorama of the village), was suitably ‘abundant’. This can be verified by those that played cards at his inn. If we are going to be critical of his figure, we should also explain the ‘Malora’ business. When talking he repeated the word ‘malora’ over and over again, and soon the nickname stuck.
Zavod za razvoj turizma Kočevski rog, so.p., Koprivnik 5, 1330 Kočevje -, junij 2020