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Successive number: 004/KK PLACE: Nesseltal EVENT: DATE: 3. 7. 1901 ANNOUNCE: Die HeiMAT Koprivnik … a beautiful village this used to be. 2006. PUBLISHER: unknown PHOTOGRAPHER: - NOTES: postcard - lithography
An unknown artist drew this marvelous postcard. It was sent from Nesselthal to Ljubljana on the 3. 7. 1901, during the ‘golden age’ of postcards, because the most beautiful were made in the years from 1900 to 1910. All three motifs on the postcard are very picturesque, yet the picture of the steam-powered sawmill in Weipach valley dominates. The sawmill, carrying the house number 86, was in the possession of the Röthel family from Nesselthal. When it was still in operation it offered income for cottagers and forest workers, especially those from the part of the village called Nakl. The valley where the sawmill stood was part of the village. Today only ruins and a small dam are left to remind us of its location.
Zavod za razvoj turizma Kočevski rog, so.p., Koprivnik 5, 1330 Kočevje -, junij 2020