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Successive number: 020/TSCH PLACE: Tschermosnitz EVENT: - DATE: around year 2007 ANNOUNCE: PUBLISHER: Darflor d.o.o., Solkan • CŠDO Lipa, Črmošnjice PHOTOGRAPHER: Martin Kreč NOTES: photo-postcard
CŠDO Lipa was established to carry out technical and organizational tasks associated to pass knowledge, with the introduction of the research work, cultural activities and for the realization of individual parts of the program in the field of education, especially in the field of youth. Dom Lipa, its mission has carried out in Črmošnjice since 1997. Within the slogan "In the nature with the head", Dom Lipa is a public institution for participants in programs and contents of public and commercial purpose, carried out, released ten interesting color postcards.
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