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Successive number: 017/TSCH PLACE: Muckendorf EVENT: - DATE: around year 1970 ANNOUNCE: PUBLISHER: Fotolik Celje PHOTOGRAPHER: unknown NOTES: photo-postcard
Komarna village (Muckendorf) was Gottschee's village on a way between Topli vrh (acute peak) and Štale. In our day the road directs us, past the poorly maintained building site on photo, towards resort complex Gričice. During World War two in the village acted administration of Slovenian Central Partisan war hospital. Not far from the village is regulated partisan monument, where are the mortal remains of wounded partisans.
Zavod za razvoj turizma Kočevski rog, so.p., Koprivnik 5, 1330 Kočevje -, junij 2020