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Successive number: 014/TSCH PLACE: Tschermosnitz EVENT: - DATE: 9th April, 1942 ANNOUNCE: PUBLISHER: Vekoslav Kramarič, Ljubljana PHOTOGRAPHER: Vekoslav Kramarič, Ljubljana NOTES: photo-postcard
Answer to a question that many will ask about the amount of panoramas of the villages; Vekoslav Kramarič was one of the few individuals in the 1940's who had his own car. His mobility allowed him a series of recordings on the same day. Panorama of Črmošnjice from the east, while in the background Gottscee's village Topli vrh (Untertappelwerch) with a branch church of St. Peter and Paul's, is a day photo proceeds. Photo-postcard contains exceptional documentary value, since it was shipped from Črmošnjice's post office on the 9th of April 1942. Italian soldier Italo tells his fiancée in Trieste that he is currently located in Črmošnjice (Cermosnize), and sends her greetings. In all probability, this is one of the last samples of mail traffic, as the Italian crew had to leave Črmošnjice in spring 1942.
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