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Successive number: 013/TSCH PLACE: Tschermosnitz EVENT: - DATE: 17th December, 1940 ANNOUNCE: PUBLISHER: Vekoslav Kramarič, Ljubljana PHOTOGRAPHER: Vekoslav Kramarič, Ljubljana NOTES: photo-postcard
Kramarič's photo-postcards were a true masterpiece, a mixture of technically sophisticated landscape images on quality photographic paper. In the black-and-white image, village is presented to you in a central motif, meadows on the right side surround former hamlet of Mašelj. The sender posted photo- postcard to Dolenjske Toplice on the 17th of December, 1940. "Dear Reska! To inform you that yesterday I received a transfer to Toplice and today I am already gone from Črmošnjice to Toplice, on my newly ordered site. If you're going to write me anything, write with an address for Toplice, so the letter won’t miss. I ask if you got my letter which I wrote to you on Sunday. Now I am sending last greetings from Črmošnjice, yours, France«
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