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Successive number: 012/TSCH PLACE: Tschermosnitz EVENT: - DATE: around year 1940 ANNOUNCE: PUBLISHER: Vekoslav Kramarič, Ljubljana PHOTOGRAPHER: Vekoslav Kramarič, Ljubljana NOTES: photo-postcard
Photo-postcard of Črmošnjice made a professional photographe Vekoslav Kramarič (1900-1984). Between 1926 and 1945 he was a famous photographer from Ljubljana and a publisher of postcards and greeting cards, which were sold throughout Slovenia. Almost every Slovenian village can boast of a postcard, which was taken by Kramarič. The vast majority of the collection consists Kramarič's photographs of Slovenian and some Croatian villages, markets and places from the thirties and forties of the 20th century. The Life of photographer Vekoslav Kramarič is full of unknowns. Original name Kramarič has roots in Bela Krajina. His parents were at the turn of the nineteenth century settled in Novo Mesto. Novo mesto's youthful period is unknown. After 1925, however, it provides information on his operation in Ljubljana, where he worked until 1948. In the following years, Mr. Kramarič his wife and daughters immigrated via Rijeka to the United States. In America, he continued his career as a photographer. He died in 1984.
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