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Successive number: 008/TSCH PLACE: Tschermosnitz EVENT: - DATE: 5th July, 1933 ANNOUNCE: PUBLISHER: Kristina Schauer, Črmošnjice PHOTOGRAPHER: - NOTES: photo-postcard
The printed postcard from 1931 was made by order of Kristine Schauer from Črmošnjice. Adolf Schauer and Emil Schauer (Kümpaisch) had in Črmošnjice trade general stores. One of the features of topographic postcards was that local merchants issued postcards. In December of 1941 families emigrated from Črmošnjice, and so it is impossible to get reliable data. Note reporter of panoramic postcard Črmošnjice, dated the 5th of July, 1933 sent to the student elementary school in Novo Mesto, Ciril Skebe, reads as follows: "For name day lots of health and especially a lot of sense. Father and unnamed persons from Novo mesto"
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