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Successive number: 001/TSCH PLACE: Tschermosnitz EVENT: - DATE: 10 th September 1900 ANNOUNCE: PUBLISHER: - PHOTOGRAPHER: Kunstanstalt Karl Schwidernoch, Wien II. Pillersdorfg. 4 NOTES: postcard - lithography
A lithography is a graphic approach of printing postcard, more commonly known as lithography. The only known lithography of a site was created in the graphic was a small factory workshop by Karl Schwidernoch in Vienna. Its distinctive approach to designing lithographs are vignettes, combined with motifs of flowers. It is interesting to mention that the postcard, sent from Črmošnjice on the 10th of September 1900, to Novo mesto, arrived at the inn "Happy Kranjec" highly esteemed Miss Tončka Florjančič on the same day.
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