Zavod Nesseltal Koprivnik
Koprivnik 13, 1330 Koprivnik

Telephone: 031-637-022

Telephone: 040-812-087


Cooperation between the photographer Mitja Krumar and the ceramist Matjaž Matko extends many years ago when Mitja had helped Matjaž in his studio in Novo mesto to knead clay. Matko loved clay , and a fraction of that love and affection infected his basic mission - photography.
As it often happens with artists, Mitja managed to recast a ceramic poetics of Matko´s creations and gave them a new dimension. With strong close shots from objects he often snatched a tiny, insignificant details, and gave them fresh forms, applications and even meanings.

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Dream and let their magic work on you.


Spend this summer vacation a bit differently, feel the unspoilt nature in the Kočevje virgin forests and the richness of our homeland, Slovenia. Welcome to Koprivnik.

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