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matjaz matko

Matjaž Matko is a visual artist who primarily focuses on sculpture. He interprets the cultural heritage, and is the author of various mulitmedia projects and content. Since 1985, he is the manufacturer of arts and crafts.

He has received several awards in the field of culture and evaluation souvenirs such as The best souvenir of Kočevska in 2014 and 2012. The Municipality of Novo mesto also awarded Matko with “Trdinova nagrada” (Trdin´s award) in the field of culture.

On of his most famous work is the Pleterje crucifix, which, among other things deals with the sacred arts. Matjaž Matko is also the co-founder of the Institute Nesseltal Koprivnik.

Matko has written several scientific publications (13), in his research Matko created photos and tour guides for many villages in the Kočevje region. Abroad, primarily in Austria and Croatia he has a lot of local history and art exhibitions

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Spend this summer vacation a bit differently, feel the unspoilt nature in the Kočevje virgin forests and the richness of our homeland, Slovenia. Welcome to Koprivnik.

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