Zavod Nesseltal Koprivnik
Koprivnik 13, 1330 Koprivnik

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Symbolism is offered in the substance itself of the earth and the vine, two of the most important symbols of Christian art.

In the Book of Job there is a cock a symbol of common sense that comes from God, Who has put wisdom in the heart ( = IBIS ) and who gave spirit ( = rooster ) sense ? They are two birds, which were given a prediction: Ibis unmistakable predicts the rising of the Nile, the cock predicts the birth date. As the Messiah he announces the day that follows the night.

Therefore, the cock´s character appears on the bell towers of churches and cathedrals towers.

This position at the top of the sanctuary talks about the predominance of the spiritual in human life , the heavenly origin messianic enlightenment vigilance of the soul that seeks to reveal the fading night darkness first light of rising spirit. Clay and man. Knead into indivisible whole.

As a potter seemed right ... and sometimes as it seemed just clay.

Spend this summer vacation a bit differently, feel the unspoilt nature in the Kočevje virgin forests and the richness of our homeland, Slovenia. Welcome to Koprivnik.

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