Zavod Nesseltal Koprivnik
Koprivnik 13, 1330 Koprivnik

Telephone: 031-637-022

Telephone: 040-812-087


Endless trails between Koprivnij, virginfn forest Kopa and Rajhenav.

We invite you to actively wanderings through the beauties of Kočevje virgin forest. Experience the nature and see the vanished villages of Gottscheer Germans. We will take care of professional guidance tour, food and drink. Program tour accommodates the wishes and interest of participants and groups.

In the morning we gather in the village Koprivnik in Kočevski rog. After the short description of the route we go down the path past the hill Kirchle against Spackbhl. At the foot of the hill, we continue along the slopes of Okrogljišček where we connect to the forest road. The trail continues uphill to the forest track, which was once the village road in the village Golobinjek.

Surrounded by pristine forest we arrive at the Mary´s sign in the woods. The path turns over the conical ridge along the forest road past the virgin forest Kopa, where the view opens to the forest areas of the Mirna gora, Gač and the Veliki rog (The Great Horn).

We walk along a shortcut to the forest clearing former village Podstene where we have a nice meal from the common backpack and quench our thirst with fresh water or natural juice. Then we continue our path after a certain part of the Roška path which is suitable for experienced hikers. You will see the tree of extraordinary dimension, the Queen of Rog, then we continue towards the tourist farm Rajhenav.

Before returning to Koprivnik you will see the gorge Vajpoh as a silent witness of former times. After a full day this gorgeous walking trip is concluded at the Institute Koprivnik Nesseltal with a short tour of the Ethnological Gotschee Collection.

Trekking dates: April – October

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Starting price:

17 EUR for groups up to 10 participants
15 EUR per person for groups of 10 -15 participants

The price includes transportation between Koprivnik - Rajhenav, the cost of professional guidance, seeing Ethnological Gotschee Collection and tasting of fruit juices and herbal tea.

More detailed information by phone: 031 637 022 or by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Spend this summer vacation a bit differently, feel the unspoilt nature in the Kočevje virgin forests and the richness of our homeland, Slovenia. Welcome to Koprivnik.

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