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TRIP TO Rajhenavski virgin forest

We invite you to two hours trekking trip in the part of Kočevski rog, where a tree has never been cut down by an ax.

With a respectful approach we will demonstrate the natural beauty of the forest to you, because we believe that mass tourism and visits do not belong in the virgin forest.

The path leads to the outskirts , where we meet ancient times, withered and rotten trees and giant trees.

Long life is characteristic of the virgin forest such as five hundred years old fir trees. Individual trees in the jungle grow up to 50 feet high and measured over 1, 5 meters in diameter.

After two hours of silent walk you arrive to a former mill called Roška žaga, which was the largest plant of this sort in the area of former Yugoslavia.

We invite you to actively walking around Kočevje primeval beauty of nature. Experience nature and see the vanished villages of Gottscheer Germans .

We will take care of professional tour guidance, food and drink . Program tour accommodates the wishes and interest of participants and groups..

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Basic information about the trip:

Time:Two hours

Equipment: hiking equipment: hiking boots and poles


8 EUR per person 10 participants
6 EUR per person per 10-15 participants

Price includes transport to the point of entry to the virgin forest and return, guided tour, refreshments (juice or natural water ).

More detailed information by phone: 031 637 022 or by e-mail.

Spend this summer vacation a bit differently, feel the unspoilt nature in the Kočevje virgin forests and the richness of our homeland, Slovenia. Welcome to Koprivnik.

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