Zavod Nesseltal Koprivnik
Koprivnik 13, 1330 Koprivnik

Telephone: 031-637-022

Telephone: 040-812-087

Institute for preservation of cultural heritage Nesseltal Koprivnik works from 2008 onwards. This private institution operates with the status of public interest. The primary purpose of the Institution Nesseltal Koprivnik is the protection and conservation of natural and cultural heritage, the promotion of Koprivnik village and the Kočevje region. We offer our visitors an organized learning of Kočevski rog and its secrets. You are invited into the arms of pristine primeval forest, the large fir tree – Queen of Rog, Prelesnikova koliševka...Hikers, bikers and other visitors can spend the night in our apartments.

It is possible to visit the permanent exhibition Ethnographic collection Gotscheers, with a presentation of traditional items dedicated to the culture of drinking fruit juices and wine.


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